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Targetting walls

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has anybody else experienced difficulty in targetting large walls with a tanks main gun recently? I used to be able to this reliably before v1.10 but for a while now, I've found it very hard to get tanks to perform this action successfully. Yes, they fire but it hits the ground before the wall and when the dust clears, the wall is still intact?

Or perhaps this is just me?:eek:

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I find that it's harder to take down a wall in one shot, but two or three hits spread out to adjacent sections will usually bring down a pretty big chunk. The "wall" action spot is (almost?) always about 1m or so in front, but targeting it should work fine anyway.


Let's say X was the spot you wanted down. In 1.08, you could target its AS and be reasonably sure that it would come down in one blow. Not so much in 1.10. So I recommend this:


That is, hit the spot you want first, then immediately left and right, and you'll usually get something like this:


And basically you've taken down more of the wall in three shots than you previously would've.

Summary: Spread the fire out, and the results will be better.

Disclaimer: I base these results on a few playthroughs of TFT scen. 02, and not on any rigorous testing.

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