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notebook graphics, vista and cmbo cmbb and cmak

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Have been playing the cm (bo,bb and ak) games for a long time now on my XP desktop and Vista HP desktop. Just recently decided to install and play it on a notebook/laptop.

Looked at some of the threads to get some guidance on which OS and graphics cards will work and I have some specific questions.

If they are posted elsewhere, I apologize. The posts in this forum are rather length.

I'm thinking of getting a laptop w/ Vista Ultimate, on an AMD Turion TL-58 proc and and ATI Radeon X1250 graphics (256mb of hyper memory), and 2 GB RAM.


Will CMBO, CMBB and CMAK run on a Vista Ult Laptop w/ the ATI Radeon X1270 graphics?

If no, what notebook graphics configuration will run the cm games in Vista Ult. I know I can roll back to XP Pro but would prefer to stay with the Vista platform.

What kind of Vista notebook and the graphics configuration have been successful in running the cm games?

Conversely, what notebook/laptop graphics chipsets will run the cm games in Vista?

Thanks in advance,


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I've personally used the Intel GMA X3100 under Vista Home Premium with CMBB and it worked fine (though it lacks support for fog effects).

Regarding the Radeon Xpress 1250 integrated video, my guess is that it should work. The key to this assumption is that it is DirectX 9.0 compliant and not DirectX 10 compliant. Apparently both Nvidia and ATI/AMD have problems with DirectX 10 hardware and Vista drivers with the CMx1 series. Under Windows XP you don't have DirectX 10 and thus the newer hardware usually works under that OS (because the drivers are only working in the DirectX 9 "path").

I believe both manufacturers have working hardware (using one driver or another) with their DirectX 9 compliant videochips under Vista. There may be exceptions to this, but the issues usually aren't as bad as what the newer DirectX 10 hardware has. I don't believe that there's any difference between the various Vista versions regarding video driver compatibility for CMx1 either, so results in one particular version should generally hold true for the others.

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