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Dawn's Raiders mission - CAS/Arty issues?

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You'll have to be more specfic - what side you playing, who called the fire in, si the fire from the AI? Is it at the start? There are a whole heap of reasons as to why could be inaccurate, so if you could fill in the detail it'll help track down what the issue is.

Friendly fire from arty and CAS is modelled in game. FWIW arty fire and especially close air support fire can be inaccurate at times. Danger close fire brings the risk of being hit by your own fire.

Cheers fur noo


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Do you mean my Dawn Raiders mission? Haven't tried it in CMSF:Marines yet, but in pre 1.10 CMSF there was no issue with accuracy. So I guess it changed with the update.

If I find the time I'll update the mission. I'm also thinking about putting a new Afghanistan scenario together with the Marines.

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1. Yes, I'm talking about your Mod - Sorry, I should have been more clear -

2. Again, sorry, I should have been more clear. I'm using CMSF-Marines while playing this mod - I am playing as the U.S.

All of the Air Support is / seems inaccurate - Off by a bunch too at times - And it is both Artty and CAS......... Using both Area and specific target orders...

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