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TF Thunder Campaign with 1.10

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After 1.10 is almost like a new Game (thx to BFC for the good work) i got one Question.

I started the Campaign again with the TF Thunder in the First MIssion it plays diffrent.

1. Can i give Tanks a "Light" Fire Arc so they shoot on Poping up Infantry with MG and not with the Maingun?

2. Do all the Syrians in Trenches now have a "Prone" Command with Targetarc? They almost never shows and i just cant kill them. The Tanks expend too much of their Maingun HE Rounds to be effektiv and even from the wall on my Site i cant get a look on them. Only weapon is the Artillery Rounds or a Kamikaze Run with the Tanks and Strykers.

I got the Feeling that Trenched Units are now a bit to hard to spot and to engage. With Patches bevore 1.10 it was too easy.

Or do i simply miss something?

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There was alot of discussion about the Main cannon being used on infantry. My personal opinion is that the Main cannon has been given too much priority to infantry, unless they are AT armed.

I quoted him before and I'll do it again. One of the most recognized men on Armour Warfare states, "The sole purpose of the cannon on the tank is to let the tank get into where it can use it's machine gun to kill the enemy."-Patton

If I want to waste the limited supply of HE on 1-2 men then I should be the moron to decide that. Just my 2 cents.

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