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what hardware should I buy?


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Hi. Soon I am buying a new PC system. I want to play CM and avoid the graphics and play problems people on this post seem to be having.

What systems, graphic card, ect is optimal?

Who out there is not having problems & what kind of hardware do you have??

thanks :confused:

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The problem tends not to be hardware, but software - specifically NTFS-based Microsoft products (windows 2000 and xp) and Nvidia video cards - there's other stuff, but these are the main bleaters.

Since Microsoft and Nvidia are, shall we say, substantial market players, it's tough to avoid purchasing their stuff (unless you pick a Mac).

I'm running an Asus motherboard, an Athlon processor, IBM hard disks and an earlier NVidia video card (GEForce Annihilator Pro) with a Creative Labs Soundblaster Live, all under Windows Millenium. I have no problems with CM or any other games.

If you're based in the UK, send me an email because I build PC's and may be able to do you a very good deal. Your profile is frigging useless for telling me where you're from, and not very funny either, btw.

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heh, of course you need those things...but dude must have something from the old machine left over, unless he's using a friends box to connect to the forum (:

in my case i already have all the other stuff sitting around from other machines that have since departed...I, like most of my friends, only need one of each of the other items for a box, and if someone comes over and wants to use a machine, they get to use the generic stuff (; Point was you can get a great computer for a lot less than 1k nowadays...I just saw extreme flat trinitron 17" for $175 out there...

Don't know about UK prices (;

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