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A way around a TCP/IP crash! Read here!

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So you've had a TCP/IP game crash, who hasn't?! But there is a way to continue the game. So listen up and you can be on your way to lossing your game again!

Ok, first you must get into the habbit of saving the game on every turn, but the autosave should be fine. (I save manually in every game, every turn) No the game crashes on your first turn, what do you do? Simple, fire it up again, BUT as a PBEM game. That right a PBEM. All you do is select the game file (save, or autosave) and fire it up as a PBEM instead of TCP/IP. (in asks you in the menu).

So once you select PBEM and enter your password you are back at the battle field. All you do is issue orders again, save the file and send to your opponent. He issues orders, send it to you, you watch the movie and issue orders. NOW, when you finnish that one turn, and are about to issue orders again. All you do is, SAVE IT, no I don't mean finnish the orders, I mean save it, ALT-S.

Exit the scenario, open the file you just saved, and fire it up under TCP/IP again! Now you are back to playing the game TCP/IP.

If you have any questions, let me know.

p.s. This has worked for me many times. I don't like PBEMing, so I tried doing this, after the crash going into PBEM, doing one turn and trying to play it as TCP/IP again. Works everytime!

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