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Tips for internal doors (post 1.05)

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I've been doing some tests using the editor and have discovered that v1.05 now allows us to do truly impressive multi-tile buildings including internal walls with doors for access that block LOS.

Here is my test if you'd like to repeat it. place two 2-story single-tile buildings next to each other. On the ground floor, edit the adjoining walls of both buildings so that they have just a central door and no windows. For the second floor, create a balcony with no surrounding wall on both adjoining walls (sounds crazy but trust me, it works). Edit each balcony so it has just a central door and no windows.

What you should have now is two buildings joined on both floors by matching pairs of doors.

If you put some units on the map, save it, and then run the scenario, you will discover that the men are able to access all rooms of the multi-story building through the doors. No more running across roofs or doing weird routes like going downstairs and then up again.

Some caveats. If you do a face command on the second floor to face the other building, the men will actually go through the door into the other building because they will try to stand on the balcony. However, once in the building, they will realise where they are and move fully into the room. Likewise, If you do a target command on the second floor into the adjacent building, the men will move into the building and then start area firing in their own room! Slightly sub-optimal but not too bad.

Try it - you will be impressed.

To save you the trouble, here's one I prepared earlier! smile.gif

building test scenario

N.B. - I've reposted this in the Scenario Design forum now, which is where I should have posted it the first time!

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