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Missing sounds in demo

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Tried the first training mission from the demo the other day. I get the start up music and then the background wind/birds during the orders phase but no other sounds (weapons, menu clicks?). Any suggestions - I haven't tried updating my ancient sound drivers, but will try that next.


Win2K Adv. Server with SP400 (ok SP4)

PIV 2.0 GHz

1 gig RAM

GeForce 6600GT video with latest drivers

tons of free drive space

Sound Blaster something or another card which has worked for years with no other issues.

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The demo and full version have all the same sounds so my first suggestion would be to indeed update your drivers.

Its very odd though that you can hear the background loop but not anything else but then the fact that then game is playable on a P4 2ghz is impressive in its own right.


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