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Below recommended specs... and it works!

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I'm trying out the demo and I'm surprised that my PC can run this game while being slightly below the minimum requirements. Of course the frame rate is choppy but playable. And graphics are set to low.

P4 3.0 GHz

512MB memory

ATI Radeon 9250 256MB

Ironic since I hear lots of complaints when people are using top-of-the-line and new rigs.

Is there anything I should worry about? I believe I'll have problems playing big battles but I think this game shines more in small engagements.

Anyone care to share their below minimum setups and their experiences?

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My system is below the specs needed for the game also: P4 3 Ghz 1GB Ram Intel 82915 VG 910GL Express Chipset Family. So more main memory than you but less video HP.

I'm runing the Full Download version of the game.

The good news is the game works mostly. Except for all of the bug/feature problems that everyone has of course.

The troops are kind of flat stickmen and I rarely see a weapon in their hands. I need to get real close to see doors and windows or trenches.

I sometime have the program crash if I jump out to the desk top and then try to come back. Not alway though.

I've never tried RT and probably will not even when I upgrade.

I've played the Training camp successfully and stick to tiny/small scenarios.

I'm playing a PBEM game but neither of us can unload mounted inf so that balances out.

I get video weirdness on the lower third of the scenario selection screen or briefing screen sometimes. If I click on the right spot I can move on but it is clicking blind.

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