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Line of Sight in Favor of The Computor ?


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Hello all.

Firstly, great game. This is the WWII experience that I have been waiting for.

The downside for me is simple :

My troops say "no line of sight" while the enemy pounds me with accurate fire and knocks my armour out ! How can they hit me, when I cannot hit them ?

I approach each scenario with caution, place scouts to see whats ahead, use the landscape to stay out of harms way from distant PAK guns etc etc.

I have a savegame at the moment where I have two tanks ready to engage one Polish tank. EVERY time i load up and attack with direct fire or area fire the result is the same - BOTH my tanks are destroyed because they say the either cannot see the enemy OR they MISS !!! Yet the enemy knocks my tanks out no matter what I do.....

I captured an AT gun and turned it around to face the enemy - My soldiers were cut down by machinegun fire time after time and all my soldiers would say is that they cant see the enemy.... I tried area fire - but the shells land no where near.

Theatre of War is brilliant - I am no doubt doing something wrong.

I just cant understand how an AT gun can knock out my Tank from the other side of the Map and I cannot return fire as accurately as them.

Its getting frustrating !! I'm at the stage now that I'm not enjoying the game as much.

I have read the hints and tips - but I still find the enemy can see me through bushes and trees and I cannot see them.

Anyone else having the same problem ?

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Welcome to the ToW forum. Good to hear that you can enjoy the game and you have fun with it.

Many were already complaining about very similar LoS/LoF issues and something seems to be a bit strange in that field. But nevertheless there is one possible explanation for things like the ones you see them.

How is your and your enemys scouting skill???

If your enemy has a higher scouting skill they can spot you easier AND they are even harder to spot for your troops - so something like an improved concealment. Maybe this applies here...... But as I said it seems that it can not explain ALL LoS/LoF issues people had so far.

I would probably try to give your troops better scouting skills in the editor and try again if it has improved or if it is stil the same. If not - then you have to wait for the patch/add-on for improvement.


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Hello Reichenberg

Thanks for the reply.

I must admit, my scouting skills are low - but the problem is more to do with the strange fact that my armour is knocked out in a semi close battle.

I'm determined to see this through and spend the hours required to master it !

(or download the new patch when it is ready ! :D )

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I happy now :D

I must admit, I just cannot leave this game alone !

I re-started the second German mission but selected the better tanks and some AT infantry.

I held back on my AT strikes until it was necessary.

The 75mm German tanks are fantastic and knocked out those enemy AT guns and tanks with ease....

There is still the odd occasion where the enemy see to hit your troops or tanks easier than you can...... ?

Playing on "medium" setting helps alot smile.gif

I'm hooked ! This game is fantastic !!

Look forward to the patch and future addons...

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