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For me ar the moment "An if only......" game


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These are early impressions and so, made with reservations, but TOW seems to me to be an "if only" game.

If only some sort of repeatable action replay feature ( similar to the classic Battlefront games)were feasible, it would make all the difference.

In its current state I find I have to spend nearly all my time overviewing the whole front line from a distance so I can react to major events.The result is twofold

1) I rarely get the chance to watch and enjoy close up the unfolding and impressive battle action display . And this a major disappointment and minus factor to really enjoying the game,

2) And equally important I find it very difficult to learn from my actions.I can note that in some area I have lost units or vehicles and in some situations I have prevailed in an encounter but without being able to watch those actions close up and perhaps more than once I have no clear feedback re the detailed reasons as to what precisely caused success or failure. And this is a huge minus in developing a growing pleasure and involvement with the game.

I must also say I would really like the opportunity to set up my own quick games selecting from the units ( with points guides) and map types to add to the variety of encounters possible.

In brief I think this is a gsme with great potential but at the moment (for me) possessing major flaws as described.Unless something can be added or patched re these drawbacks I can see myself reluctantly shelving this (at least to wait and see what patching might take place)

I am,in fact,as a result, very much motivated to make a return to the classic CM games which (though visually now much more primitive) are,in my view a much more rewarding gaming experience.

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i think the only feature wich can help in this system(beside a non existent replay feature)is the build in "pause" key.

i dont know how you play the game out of oyur post but you have to think of it as a RTwP game not a RT game.

means you loose the ability to replay every minute of the game all and so often as you like BUT, and thats a big but, you can pause the game any second, check situations everywhere and think, if nothing else.

if oyu let the game runing in real time you give a away precious seconds where you can/could manage your units(the few you have compared to CM) and especially infanty up to a degree wich CM dont allows(dont talk about tanks there).

basicly you than watch the spots where key actions occour or where player aid for the AI is of need, allways ready to pause the game ovcourse :D

it gets a bit problematic when you have more than 1 location where you should pay attention too. than you have to jump around with the camera quiet a bit. but still its managable, this adds to the thrill :D


oh and i forgott. the first patch is said to add settings for half and double game speed. so you can wat everything with half speed than. should also keep stress a bit more distant than now.

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Pandur --thank you for your thoughts.

I do try and pause the game to look at a particular situation--but this is just like a static snapshot and you cant see the sequential unfolding of the action like a movie and this where I think the visual appeal of the game would be best and also where you could best learn tactically from the action.

I think I would like the game (like I think the new CM2 game is going to) to offer a choice of real time or like the classic "wego" movie approach.

I would just like the chance to really enjoy close-up the movie action in TOW and to be able to learn tactically from what I see.

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...this where I think the visual appeal of the game would be best...

unfortunately, we dont got such an feature. thats why i also hope that we get something like "squad based" type missions with some user created missions.

basicly i mean with it; where you have to do a mission with just a squad and a single tank for example. you can micro manage all and everything and can watch little engagements next to it.

but well nothing could beat a replay feature :/

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