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MP question


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I am interested in this Question too.

I am looking for something like the old CM-chat on www.combatmission.com

There were always very good and friendly player online. Unfortunatly this chat is dead.

But i fear that u never will get an online comunity if they dont patch the multplayer totally.

Actually u can play MP (i tried it with my brother), but it only makes fun the first 5 games. Then it is very very very boring, because u havew NO infulence on any parameter and mostly 3 Tanks and 5-10Inf.

Singleplayer is great but longtime-fun in such tactical games life from multiplayer. And theres no fun at the moment.

In my opinion u need:

1. choosing your hardware by your own.

2. choose your man by your own and give them expierence like you want (f.E. make some elite or many conscripts)

3. u need battle objectives to avoid boring "kill the whole enemy" fights

4. more 1v1 maps. I dont understand why theres only one 1v1 map, because this is the most played mod. 3v3 games are not realizeable(not enough player, MP-settings are too buggy and complicated).

I hope all this will be patched because the multiplayer, and i think the developer and publisher knows it very well, is more than spartanic at the moment, he is unplayable(lack of fun)!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The MP part of TOW must be tweaked as soon as possible after patching the SP part.

There are a 7 mainly problems that need to be fixed very urgend:

1.)The netcode must be improved.

2.)Implement a game lobby or a ip stock exchange at BF website to find mp games.

3.)Possibility to change the stuff, troops and tanks before starting the MP game for every player / map. Same as in singelplayer!

4.)Implement multiplayer modes like capture the flag, frontline, assault, king of the hill or other nice modes. But the most important multiplayer mode is capture the flag also known as battlezones.

5.)More MP maps

6.)Possibility to make / change MP maps with the editor

7.)Self loading feature for all clients if a MP game is hosted

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