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Multiplayer features for the community


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Multiplayer still has the 'enter ip address of host to play multiplayer' system.

I want TOW to be more exciting! Playing real people online who talk smack during the game should do it. In 3 months from now, I'll get bored of the same old single player, just like it did in Combat Missions. I don't want that to happen with this game, it's just so much more advanced than CM and deserves to stay on my hard drive for more than 3 months!

What you see after clicking that multiplayer button:

1) A news page where BF developers can keep you up-to-date on the latest developments, major bug fixes, patches, big announcements, etc.

2) An email button - to check your battlefront email. This is how you will play-by-email and by being able to read your email, inside of the game, you won't get distracted trying to use outlook with TOW.

You simply look in your unread mail inbox and double click on that email from your opponent, which loads the game fast, you find what your opponents latest move was, then you can do your move, and click the send email button to finish - simple.

3) A Chat Room button - I have no clue what will go on in this room, but I hope it will stay game related and it makes it much easier for players to organize games, discuss tactics, strategies, and anything else that is legal.

4) A Game Browser button - Lists all the 'in progress games', and all players that are waiting for someone to join their game. You simply double click on a game to play. No pencil and paper required to write down IP addresses. No reading books to find out what an IP address means and what IP stands for.

5) Recorded Games button - You can replay all the 'play-by-email' games in their entirety. You can even load up the latest match between the top USA and top German player using the advanced search feature.

I think this is the best way to improve your tactics & strategies, to learn from others. The next step is to review the recorded games in the forums and go over what the player did right or wrong and how you would've played it differently.

6) Rankings button - With no ratings system built into the game, you have no idea who you are playing and what their skill is, until you mop the floor with them. A simple ELO ratings system, like the one used in Chess, would work just fine.

Without ratings, there is no point to play multiplayer, unless it's for fun and you are not trying to become a better player. Ratings are the only way to become a better player because they keep you focused. TOW is one of the most advanced war simulations on the planet and without a ratings system, multiplayer games will never be considered 'competitive', but rather 'a fun thing to do'


Those additions will keep the replay value WAY up on this game, and when TOW 2 is released, I would be very excited about TOW 2 and would nag all my friends to buy the game when it comes out.

Let me know what you think.

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I don't think it will work, we need a real gamelobby to achieve what you want. And It's NOT hard.

Did you guys have heard about Hyperlobby? It's an online lobby that covers almost all the popular simulation titles, and these titles are all like TOW when it comes to multiplayer; you connect by IP.

What it does is, it launches the executable with a parameter that you'll be in the server as soon as it loads.

If you guys have any simulation game, I suggest you to check it out. Because I think a program of this type, or a support from this program will work the best for TOW.


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