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Mac to Pc file transfer

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Originally posted by AaronNorris:

My problem is quite simple.

The solution is not for the computer helpless.

Both can use Ethernet.

Do you have a hub?

How do I set up a network between the two so I can send mods and patchs I have downloaded on the Imac to my PC?

The simplest solution is to set up a webserver on you Imac. Serve up the mods folder.

Access Imac using Exploder from you PC.

The two machine need to connected to the hub.

Email me if you want/need more detailed instructions.

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Quick question: how are you going to authenticate the game at startup on the Mac? I'm not sure the PC CD will work. Anybody?

But to connect the Mac to the PC, the cheapest way is to use a "cross over" cable and you won't need the hub. Ask for it by name - most computer stores sell them ($5 or so.) It basically allows you to connect the Mac to the PC directly over ethernet without a hub (be sure to clean the Mac after you do this to avoid those PC cooties.)

Another option is to burn a CD on your PC. Macs can read virtually any media so you could tranfer that way.

If you have a Firewire port on your PC (sometimes called iLink or IEEE 1394 on PC - all Macs have them), you could use a portable Firewire hard drive. Extremely fast transfer speeds.

Finally, you can put an Airport card in your iMac (if you don't already have one), buy and install a PC equivalent and transfer wirelessly. The Mac can be the server. It's pretty fast (about 11Mbs) and you can also share your Internet connection from the Mac if you're on OSX.

Good luck! Replacement CDs are on the way according to Matt.

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