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Jonesin' for new patch

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It's been an unprecedented full week since the last patch of Drop Team.

I didn't realize how hooked I'd become on the "new patch thrill" every weekend!

The joys of finding out what's changed, what's been broken, what the bots are gonna choose for weapons after the latest weapons tweak...even the joy of just sitting and watching the update process slowly progressing...

You guys got us hooked on this phenomena. Now here we are, clamoring for the latest and greatest tweaks!

Yeah, I know...the first few were free...now no doubt we'll get a subscription charge. I don't care...I can put off the car payment and mortgage...just give us that patch!

Maybe you could develop the "placebo" patch which won't change anything but will make us go through an update process. This might help the patch addicted masses like me!

Random Generic

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