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Odd, keyboard-related bug


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Running on Windows, AlienWare laptop, 3.2GHz dual-core CPU, 2GB RAM, something ugly by nVidia inside. DT v1.1.4.

So picture that you're entering a level in MP play (may happen in standalone, not sure). The progress list grows with items like "Growing Trees..." until "Cacheing Objects" reaches 100% and then "Press RETURN to Continue" (or some such) shows up.

If I hit return at that point, there is a slight delay before I actually enter the level. If I get impatient or think that I didn't hit return hard enough I'll hit it again. If I do that, once I enter the level the interface will not respond to keypresses in any way.

I can switch to the desktop under these conditions by (e.g.) hitting the Windows key, but nothing will bring back keyboard control of DT until I restart.

So, to summarize, if I hit return more than once at that point the interface will not respond to the keyboard any more. No other indication of error, but it's pretty reproducible on my system.

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