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  1. nahhhhhh the beta forum was the old board when we were all palying the beta version of DT
  2. aittam

    Creature Zoo 6

    geeeeezzz Phonan why don't you write a tutorial on how to fly? really I got to take one of the gunship up, toggled it a little bit sideways and by the time i figured out how to stabilize it I was coming down in flames anyways bots Ai needs to be dumbed a little, these guys are killers
  3. not only bots kick my ass fairly regularly, now even obstacles on my way............. excellent work
  4. notice that yesterday night poesel
  5. yeah go with a modified thor, like the heavy troop carrier
  6. The Number of mines is fine what is needed is a faster way to breach them. Had an idea (OK stole an idea)yesterday for that. XML unit is ready just need to cobble a model together for it (any takers its pretty easy). But this is for a different thread. </font>
  7. put back the mines during the game too
  8. I'll check that, cheers clay!
  9. it's just me or the speedloading feature is gone?
  10. bots are way too impressive they switch weapons with an impressive cadence!
  11. ehy the bastard doesn't let me log in.............
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