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control, performance, pathfinding-AI issues


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Picked up this fascinating game. Just stopping by to inform you of some issues I had with this game.

Framerate is acceptable as long as I disable HDR and Shadows. All other options are maxed out. If I use either or both the game becomes a slideshow.

Occasionally I would get kicked off of my own vehicle for no apparent reason and cannot return to it no matter how many times I use the TAB key.

AI pathfinding seems to need more work. In the single player campaign I've seen enemy and friendly vehicles attempt to imitate a submarine.

Didn't know they could fire when submerged too - that surprised me! LOL

I would lose the scenario too because I didn't kill them - even if they disappeared from the 3D screen and 2D map.

No such thing as vehicular drowning I suppose?

After forming up with my squadmates, they would follow and fight in a more or less realistic fashion - until I tried to cross a bridge.

At this point some or all of them would get hung up at the bridge entrance - and stay there for the rest of the scenario.

Kinda tough to finish a scenario with just my own vehicle - especially when running under a time limit tongue.gif

I'm using the following PC:

Dual Xeon 3ghz/533mhz FSB, 4gb DDR266 RAM, XPsp2, Creative SB X-Fi, ATI Radeon x800XT-PE video card, BFG Ageia PPU PhysX card, and latest drivers for everything too.

Looking forward to that OGRE addon. Loved the old Metagaming/Steve Jackson games. This game reminds me of Dwarfstar's Star Viking mini-game. H. Beam Piper's Space Viking novel comes to mind too.

Any plans to create a space combat/campaign game to simulate fights between the viking clans and the 'locals'? Accounting for varying tech levels would be nice - since each star system seems random anyways.

After the space battle (if any) we can resolve the ground assault in Drop Team.

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Yes. At the railings and sometimes underneath the bridge too.

Since installing the patch - this particular problems seems to have disappeared.

New problem: my escorts would overturn and destroy themselves on the icy mountain map (the one where you're trying to escape).

Also at the start of that scenario my escorts automatically start an attack over the mountain - and get themselves killed.

I ended up leaving my escorts on the dropships while running about in my own vehicle. Dropping them only when I needed them.

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On Treachery the bots are at a distinct disadvantage in finding good drop locations as there just aren't that many. It would be too CPU intensive to calculate paths prior to dropping, so the AI just looks at the landing area, and if it is not too steep it goes ahead. Sometimes the bots can make it down, but I recommend controlling their drop locations on this map.

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