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  1. Could be a day or two. Clay just moved and is sans internet at the moment.
  2. From someone that created A LOT of the original scenarios...... very well done indeed.
  3. If you have not recently (in the past two weeks), updated your Nvidia drivers please do so. You can do this on the Nvidia.com web site.
  4. My liveship has been called away by the dreaded "Mother-In-Law" liveship, but there is a chance I can fight my way clear and arrive before the action is over.
  5. Maybe the gunner view should be straight down?
  6. You have mastered the one shot kill it seems. I will practice and be back Sunday.
  7. I'll be there this Sunday. No more family birthdays to attend. Just don't get your hopes up to high. Remember, I programmed the bots so how smart could I be.
  8. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Your files are just fine. I can drop a superheavy in any scenario and drive it around. It still needs textures so it looks like a tank, and it needs to be scaled up, but otherwise I didn't encounter any errors?
  9. There is an optional MaxDropElevation and a MinDropElevation tag in the scenario file. These are used by the bots to keep them from choosing drop locations in the gulch in DeadGulch and on the top of mountains in other scenarios.
  10. Please send your file to support@tbgsoftware.com and i will look at it.
  11. I just confirmed that the bots are getting stuck trying to drop. It will be later today before I can get into "why" that is true. The terrain here is not really worse than "Treachery" so it should work.
  12. Oddly enough, with just two bots there seemed to be no performance drop, but as soon as I went to 10, the thing just basically stopped. Hmmm..... The bots don't begin their path finding until they have deployed on the ground. My performance hit occurred before they were even dropped. It is more likely that the AI can't figure out where to drop.
  13. I will take a look at this today, but to see if it bot path finding, just run the scenario without any bots. If everything runs just fine, it is probably the path finding.
  14. Grappler


    You guys don't know how lucky you have it. I have to play test against Clay all the time. He has beaten me up so badly, I have lost all confidence and simply mentally surrender at the beginning of each round. It makes testing go so much smoother and lowers my blood pressure.
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