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  1. I was thinking super-advanced fuel cells (hydrogen-oxygen version) for the vehicles, and antimatter for the Liveships, space stations, and the OGRE. The storyline gives the impression Clan Hartford and Taggert are both in desparate shape. All do-or-die battles with no margin for failure. Although Clan Taggert seems wealthier since they're throwing all those MBTs at the player. LOL
  2. Yes. At the railings and sometimes underneath the bridge too. Since installing the patch - this particular problems seems to have disappeared. New problem: my escorts would overturn and destroy themselves on the icy mountain map (the one where you're trying to escape). Also at the start of that scenario my escorts automatically start an attack over the mountain - and get themselves killed. I ended up leaving my escorts on the dropships while running about in my own vehicle. Dropping them only when I needed them.
  3. cwmark

    Bolos & Ogres?

    I remember playing OGRE and MELEE to destruction with my high school buddies during lunch breaks. The Metagaming/SJ Games Microgames were and are great fun and inexpensive too! Anyone played Star Viking? A mini-game published by Dwarfstar. You had a declining Federation and the Star Vikings. As a Star Viking you got to smash up local space and ground forces in your lone heavy cruiser. Occasionally a Fed Frigate may pop up - but you always had to be wary of a lurking Fed Battlecruiser that could ruin your day. The Feddie usually won out on points - but the Viking player di
  4. Regarding the single player campaign - since I'm now a 'made-man-in-the-clan' I would love to see more of the backstory the designers have in store for us. Maybe some personal RPGish elements perhaps? Promotion, medals, more units available to select from, picture of your recent wife (Lord Hartford's niece) perhaps? Replacing the old Lord himself and becoming clan leader? Would love to see a strategic or operational campaign system set in this universe. We can resolve the planet 'shoot & loot' assaults in DT. Some nitpicking: The scenario time limit seems too artificial
  5. Wouldn't firing something that superheated cause a steam explosion at the muzzle-end of the weapon? Not to mention the stream of bubbles and rising steam on the water's surface. A dead giveaway of your position one would think. Since this combat environment is the 'if you can see it - you can kill it' variety.
  6. The .wav file swapped seems to have worked. I can launch SC2 without crossing my fingers now. The lack of 3D icons is still a problem for me.
  7. Hi, Picked up this fascinating game. Just stopping by to inform you of some issues I had with this game. Framerate is acceptable as long as I disable HDR and Shadows. All other options are maxed out. If I use either or both the game becomes a slideshow. Occasionally I would get kicked off of my own vehicle for no apparent reason and cannot return to it no matter how many times I use the TAB key. AI pathfinding seems to need more work. In the single player campaign I've seen enemy and friendly vehicles attempt to imitate a submarine. Didn't know they could fire when submerged too
  8. My game crashes when Hungary enters the war. Also I'm using the 2D icons because the 3D icons don't work - they all look like small tv screens filled with snow-noise. I also get a intermittent crash that says not enough space to launch program. Already sent a email to Fury Software with my dxdiag, sysinfo, and error files. Using version 1.01 of the game too.
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