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Personal first impressions rediscovered

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Yesterday i found the sheet of paper again, where i noted my personal impressions.

I removed most of the bugs that have been solved, but the rest of the list shows my very first impressions and IMO these impressions are still valid and would give CMSF a much better overall feeling in WEGO-mode:

No optical display during replay. Cheap looking buttons for FF, REW.

No sound when the turn has finished (the lovely CMx1-end-turn sound should be introduced again).

The real-time calculation is distracting - an optional blanked screen with the famous blue-bar would be great for me.

Possibility to switch off the ambient sounds?

The window "End of turn" is annoying for me.

Camera movement is way too fast. CMx1 was that fast if a modifier-key was pressed. Therefore difficult to position the camera on an exact spot.

No grid overlay.

Color of setupzone to weak.

No LOS-tool.

No terrain description where the cursor resides.

Clicking on movement path doesn't select the unit.

No adjustable waypoints.

Screen-area for turning the camera with the mouse is too high (to long movements from the interface to this area).

Turn mode: not stationary, camra moves on a circle. Very annoying. In CMx1 the position of the camera does not change while turning.

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