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Take a look at this! - My new CM** rig!

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Just placed an order for some new parts from my favourite online overclocking store. Got to keep up with the times guys :D

3.0Cghz (800fsb) Pentium IV :eek:

ASUS canterwood motherboard

1gb Corsair 3200 ram

All to go into my lovely Vapochill PE system cooling the processor down to a lovely wintery 4 degress under load. I expect to be running this at around the 3.7ghz mark in within the week. Should be just about perfect for those 9000 point engagements! :D

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I built a CM machine from scratch. Nowhere near the horsepower that your rig has.

I like AMD processors so I have a socket A motherboard, ASUS A7V8X, with a 2700+ AMD XP processor (2.17ghz)

EVGA GeForce Ti4600 128mb AGP8X

1.5GB of PC2700 RAM

Creative labs Soundblaster 5.1 sound card and 5.1 speaker system

Western Digital 80GB 7200RPM hard drive with 8mb cache

It runs CM good. If I ever do this again I'm going to go with an Intel processor to see what 3ghz is like.

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Originally posted by Brigadier:

Phil you are a BASTARD!! :D

I gotta get me a new 'puter. My 1Ghz Peethree just can't cut it no more :(

Thanks mate.. smile.gif

To add, I'll be overclocking the graphics subsystem too. I'm not sure whether to use my 9700 Pro or my Ti4200. I'll probably go with the ATi in all honesty as even though I have to play it ' fogless'. The AF makes it look stunning! This way I can keep up to date with the other new games that are coming out soon like Hidden & Dangerous II (will be another fav)..

Also, I'm ditching my Audigy 1 in favour of a new M-Audio 7.1 card, which sounds better than the soundblaster linked to my speakers.

[ May 05, 2003, 12:01 PM: Message edited by: phil stanbridge ]

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