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Freezing in Minnesota


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Can anyone help me? While playing CM, the game freezes at many different points of the game with no real consistancy. I'm running Intell 733 with 384 megs of ram, and a Diamond StealthIII Extreme S540 with an updated driver. I've reinstalled CM, upgraded drivers. It's gotten a little better but still hasn't stopped it from happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Guest Madmatt

What OS do you run?

What Version of Direct X?

What is specific revision on your Nvidia Drivers?

What version of CM are you playing?

Can you explian the behavior of the freeze? Doexs it halt and exit or do you have to do something else to get back control of your system?



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operatin system is win.98, directx 8.0 cm. version 1.3 nvidia driver? i'm computer illiterate not sure what that is. the game just stops, nothing works mouse doesnt work no hot keys, I cant even turn off the computer when this happens. I have to kill the power on the power strip to reboot the computer. thanks

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Actually, Madmatt accidentally mentioned the NVidia driver. It isn't applicable to you since your Diamond video card isn't based on an NVidia chip.

Do lockups occur on your machine when you're not playing CM ? Did you or someone else setup your computer (install drivers, etc.) ?

Do you have any other programs running while you're playing CM ?

The type of problem that you're having (a "hard" freeze where everything locksup) suggests a hardware problem (overheating, etc.). How old is your computer and do you have it in a dusty environment ? Can you open up your case and see if all fans are running (CPU, case and power supply). If any of these fans aren't running or they're "oscillating" (slowing down and speeding up, etc.) in their RPM, then that particular fan will probably have to be replaced. Usually a hardware problem of this nature would show itself within a certain amount of time and/or have problems with almost any program you run.

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