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CMBB shuts down immediately

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This post is following the instructions given to me by Battlefront.com tech support. I followed the instructions below and downloaded and installed both DirectX 9.0 and the latest video driver from Radeon. I have always been running my PC in 1024x768 resolution and my other games and software seem to work fine. CMBB continues to do the same thing. Needless to say it is both frustrating and disappointing.

I need this problem solved quickly or I will have to return these games, which I don't want to do.

- T.C. Nulf

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(From Tech Support):

The game can not run in 640x480 resolution (it needs 800x600 or higher) so that is why you got that error when you accepted that resolution. However,the Direct 3D setup program is only offering you 640x480 because in all likelihood you simply need to update your video drivers. You should be able to find new Radeon drivers from ATI's website or from the cards manufacturers page.

You might also want to upgrade your version of DirectX to version 9.0 which was recently released by Microsoft. That can be found here:


Once you have updated your drivers, make sure your windows desktop resolution is set to at least 800x640 before you launch the game.

If you continue to have problems, please post this issue, in full, to our Tech Support forum which is where we normally handle all game related issues like this. That forum is located here:



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Subject: RE: Game will not run

Actually I am not sure. I checked Control Panel>System and under Display Adapters is lists "RADEON DDR" and under Monitors it lists "A90". Should I check somewhere else?

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> Subject: Re: Game will not run

Sounds like a conflict with your video drivers. What type of video card and what driver version for that card are installed in your computer?


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> From: "TC Nulf" <tcnulf@gorilla.net>

> To: <support@battlefront.com>

> Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2003 10:59 PM

> Subject: Game will not run

I just purchased the bundle pack of Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord and Barbarossa to Berlin. I installed CMBB to my harddrive. When I run the exe to play the game, up pops a message asking about 3D DirectX Test asking to run in 640 x 480 mode or to skip to next. If I accept, the screen flashes to the new resolution mode, plays a bar or two of "A Night on Bald Mountain" then exits the program. If I say skip, it gives me an error that reads: "Program Error, Could not initialize Direct3D graphics"

Is there a way to fix this (I hope)? I don't want to have to send these back given what my friends have boasted about these games.

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What Windows version are you running ? Did you uninstall the old video drivers before installing the latest ones or did you just install over the old ones ? Are you using the Catalyst 3.1 drivers ? If so, several people have had problems with these drivers and CM.

I suggest uninstalling your current Radeon Catalyst drivers, rebooting, installing drivers for a 'Standard PCI SVGA' adapter instead of the latest Radeons. This is only temporary, but I highly suggest not reinstalling the video drivers as of yet. Next reinstall DirectX 9.0 and reboot. Next install the appropriate motherboard chipset drivers for your motherboard (Intel, SiS, VIA, ALi, etc.). These drivers can help with some AGP issues.

After rebooting for this chipset driver install then install the appropriate Catalyst drivers. I suggest getting versions 3.0 or earlier (these can be found by clicking on a link at the bottom of the page for the latest Catalyst - once you've selected your video card and OS). Remember to install the ATI Control Panel too.

With all of the installs and reboots out of the way, then delete the Prefs file in the root of the CMBB directory. This will launch the resolution selection process the next time you start CMBB. Hopefully you should be offered your current desktop resolution as the first resolution to pick from (though it may be at a higher refresh rate than what you're currently running). If you press 'Skip' or let the resolution sit on the screen without selecting it, then the screen should change offering the current resolution again, but at a slightly lower refresh rate. This repeats until 60Hz for your current resolution is reached and then the next offering is the next lower (standard) resolution is offered at its highest refresh rate (as defined by the video driver's capability).

I suggest turning off 'Smoothvision' (FSAA) while playing CM (for now). Also 'kill' any programs running in the background when you launch CM.

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The 'Standard PCI SVGA' driver is part of Windows ME. It is the 'default' driver that will get installed if Windows doesn't recognize your video card.

Installing the Standard PCI SVGA driver (which might have a slightly different name depending on the version of Windows) is only temporary. The idea is to remove all of the previous driver's files. Changing versions of video card drivers can result in some files being 'left behind' and depending on registry entries, etc. these may cause problems.

I'm not sure what kind of problems you may experience with earlier versions of the Catalyst drivers. ATI mentions some of the fixes that are applied for each set (detailing at least the latest set of drivers, I'm not sure what details they have on the previous versions). So it is possible that some of your other programs might run into problems with earlier Catalysts.

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