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This game is so sick that I just threw up all over the keyboard! :eek: I've been waiting all my life for this. I was worried that for the rest of my life I would be reduced to having to play Destroyer Command and fighting steel(although it is a good game). As a matter of fact I was becoming so desperate that I was thinking that I was going to be forced to have to start playing Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2 again (just to fight ships).

One thing that I have been reading up on is that the ship list isn't final which I am happy about. I'm a big fan of Japanese WWII ships, Battleships and Cruisers in particular. I can't wait to send up Zero's to fight off American Dive bombers.

My biggest worry is that the only Jap battleship is going to be the Nagato. Don't get me wrong its a good ship but I just got tired of it being the only Jap battleship in Destroyer Command. I'd like to see the Kongo class in there if possible. Maybe even the Ise, a hybrid Battleship/Carrier.

I'm a little courious about the weather, one of the things I like most about ship games is the rough seas. I mean you just gotta love seeing those videos of the japanese carriers getting thrown back and forth on their way to pearl harbor. So i'm hoping the seas will be an accurate representation of what it is like in real life.


This is an excellent reference for pretty much ever japanese ship.

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