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  1. We are planning a mini expansion with a few new aircraft and campaigns. We'll be able to give a better estimate following the holidays. Thank you for your continued interest in DIF!
  2. The game will cover from 1960s equipment to modern, if that helps.
  3. I'm working on a game about modern land combat and I wanted to get a reality check to make sure my assumptions are correct. I'm looking at 5 types of attacks: Small Arms (rifles) Man-Portable Weapons (Rocket Launchers) Heavy Machine Guns (.50) Light Cannons (25mm on Bradley) Heavy Cannons (Main tank cannons, 100mm+) I'm thinking of 4 vehicle armor defense levels: Light Armor (Hummer) Medium Armor (most IFVs) Heavy Armor (most tank armor) Super Armor (Chobham) Would it be true to say: Small Arms can penetrate up to Light Armor Man-Portable can penetrate all, but will less ch
  4. Thank you Martin for approving this announcement! I’m very pleased to announce that my company, DVG, has placed a newly designed Down In Flames tabletop card game “Aces High” up for pre-order on our web site… www.dvg.com The game features an improved action card system that greatly expands player decision making and options, additional detailing of aircraft stats, and a new campaign system that focuses on ease of play. The game has both more action cards and aircraft cards than the originally published game. Aces High includes 110 action cards and 110 aircraft cards, including 55 t
  5. Brian and I are working on a Down In Flames expansion and need some help in creating a couple campaigns. Brian has an online campaign creation utility already built, so no programming skills are required on your part. I will create the needed map graphics. To create a campaign, you need to do some historical research, detail the planes, pilots, and targets, and then test it for balance. Each campaign takes a couple hours to design. This isn't a paying job, but you will get name credit. Some work has already been done on the campaigns. Our goal is for the campaigns to be finished
  6. Well, we almost had news. Give us a little more time. You see, I have this interesting curse, whenever a programmer agrees to work with me on a game, his life gets turned upside-down within 2 weeks.* * If you are a programmer, and you're thinking of working with me on a game, please ignore this warning of doom and gloom. I'm sure you'll be immune.
  7. The idea has been brought up that people should have an option to play the game with more realistic death rules (ie pilots die more often and don't get 100s/1000s of kills) If there were a benefit to designating a pilot as being "realistic" during creation, would you do it?
  8. Thank you for the ideas, Brian and I have been watching the DIF forum. In your opinion, what can we do to expand the DIF user base?
  9. Brian and I are kicking around some ideas to give players the option of playing more deadly games.
  10. Hello skaol, Replies below... 1. Sorry, but DIF has the Dumbest (and I have played and Beta tested alot of games) and I do mean Dumbest, Campaign UI's there is and ever was. I mean Click to close to click to close to click to close...it is beyond silly. 1 Freaking Screen Period. --The campaigns were tricky to create given the nature of the game. With all the data going back and forth, the interface needed to take a very step-by-step approach.-- 2. No Offline Campaign's...yeah ok need I say anything. --On the list of Things To Do.-- 3. Hello Mr. Vista....refer to #2 --W
  11. The proud ship MNB is underway, late, but not sunk. Things are moving forward (honest!) We should have news soon.
  12. "Soon" does leave one room to maneuver. But it's not quite as flexible as when one of the kids says they are "almost" done with their chores/homework/etc...
  13. I've been in recent contact with the nice folks at BFC and hopefully we'll have some news soon.
  14. We should have some news soon. We're all very excited about the game. I'm going through the design docs right now to get it as polished as possible.
  15. Good News! MNB-WWII will use the engine being developed for Combat Mission - Shock Force, so it will look amazing. As soon as Shock Force is wrapped up, coding will begin on MNB-WWII.
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