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New Puter Troubles

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I just upgraded to a new computer that I got from work.

It is running XP Pro and I am using a ATI Rage 3D 8 meg graphix card. (I know, I know, soon as I get back from vacation the GeForce IV is on order)...

Every time I try to run CMBO the screen goes black and then it tries to turn the video down to 640x480... It does flash something about Direct X as well...

The part that is vexing me is my old computer was running a crappy old 4 meg AGP video card and that was working fine at 800x600.

But the newer card with twice the memory wont run at 800x600???

Help please...



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Unfortunately the older ATI Rage video cards don't have driver updates for Windows XP. The drivers that come with the OS are the latest/last set available.

Do you know specifically which Rage card/chip you have ?

For the Rage I: v. 5.1.2535.0 is the version that comes with XP

Rage II/II+: v. 5.1.2505.0

Rage IIc: v. 5.1.2505.0

Rage Pro/Rage Pro Turbo: v. 5.1.2001.0 or download 5.10.2600.6010

Rage XL: v. 5.1.2001.0 or download 5.10.2600.6009

Rage LT Pro: v. 5.1.2001.0

The rest of the Rage line is the 128 series, which I'm fairly certain this card isn't.

Hopefully the Microsoft supplied drivers can identify the chipset (possibly in the Display control panel's Advanced Settings) so you can check to see if a newer driver from ATI is available. However this may not solve your problem.

Have you deleted the Prefs file ? You may want to try running at 640x480 to see if CM will work on this card (it should). You may want to set your color depth for 16-bit color too.

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Ok, Im thinking it may be my monitor now not being able to handle the newer video card.

Im using a KDS VS 7E 17" monitor...

The error I keep getting is the following:


HF 30khz - 70 khz

VF 50 hz - 150 hz

Current display

FH 99.8khz FV 200hz


Ok, so what the hell does this mean? Sorry to be an idiot here, but I have no freakin idea wtf this garbage means.

I have already turned my display as low as it can go... 800x600 16mil colors, running at 70 hz...


I am fiending to get back to my CMBO!!!!!!!!!!!

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According to KDS the maximum resolution and refresh rate that the VS-7e can handle is 1280x1024 @ 60Hz and the optimum display is 1024x768 @ 85Hz. The maximum horizontal frequency is 70kHz and the maximum vertical frequency is 120Hz (though that doesn't mean that you can do 120Hz refresh rate at the maximum resolution). Interestingly your display says 150Hz, anyway...

I don't know if it is the monitor that is displaying that info or what, but it seems to be saying that the signal it's getting is 99.8kHz horizontal at a 200Hz vertical refresh rate - definitely beyond your monitor's capabilities. Where are you adjusting your resolution and when do you get the 'out of range' error ?

Do you know what the monitor definition is setup for in Windows ? It may be Plug and Play (and I don't know why it would allow the video card to exceed the monitor's capabilities). You can download the VS-7e's monitor driver from KDS.

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Thanks for the info, I really appreciate you helping me out this way.

First, I am changing the resolution under Display Settings, Properties... by right clicking on the desktop to bring up the display panel.

And I am getting the error message after I try to start up CMBO... double click the CMBO icon, then when it tries to load the screen goes blank and I get the message that I typed above. Then the screen goes dark again and I get a new message that displays lower horizontal numbers and a lower vertical refresh rate. Then it goes dark again and asks me if I want to run at 640x480 150hz

The funny thing is I can run WWII online and counterstrike without a problem. But CMBO just will not go.

Again, thanks for taking the time to help me out on this. Im starting to fiend because I don't have my CMBO

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Delete your CM Prefs file and reselect the resolution. Somehow the Prefs file is telling your video card to run at a higher resolution than your monitor can handle. I don't know why that would be the case since CMBO should error out or something of that nature when it attempts to run a resolution that is higher than your desktop.

Hopefully you should be able to see the resolution selection screens when you first start up CM after deleting the Prefs file. You may want to try an 800x600 resolution. It's possible that CM may try some refresh rates that might be beyond your monitor's capability, but you shouldn't have to select them.

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I'll give it another shot, but I never did select any video prefs. I installed the game, everything loaded fine, and then went to play. That is when I got all the problems.

It is weird, my prefs file is already deleted, but I still run into all the probs. I think I am going to try and reinstall the game.

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On the PC I'm fairly certain that there is no way around the 'resolution selection' process. You should see it if there is no Prefs file. If you don't have a Prefs file and you're absolutely certain that you're running the game from that directory, then CM isn't initializing (otherwise it would write out a Prefs file).

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