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Weird Stuff Happening...

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Hey all, I'm new here, I joined just for the tech support.

I have CMBO Special Edition and love it, but recently it's been crapping out on me. When I first got the game and started it up, I was greeted with a drumroll at the main menu...since yesterday, the main menu started playing music. I found that as odd, but things got worse. I booted up a Quick Battle, set all my preferences, then when I got to the final "OK" button, I clicked it and the game froze. I pressed escape, started it back up, started Quick Battle...and it did the same thing. So then I rebooted my PC, started CMBO, chose a Scenario this time, everything seemed to work until I pressed "GO" after my first turn...then the game froze. I've tried about 5 times since then to get a game rolling, but I get the same crap. Please help me!

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When you press 'Go' in a game of CM the component that is stressed the most is the CPU. Perhaps, as a guess, your CPU is overheating or there is something about your memory/software environment that isn't cooperating when CM starts using the CPU heavily.

Can you give us some more details on the computer you're running CMBO on ? If it is a PC, you can possibly take off the sides or cover and see if that may help circulate some additional air to cool what may be a hot interior.

If it is your CPU or memory that is having a problem, you can test it (assuming you're running a PC) with a program called Prime 95 (select Benchmark Tools in the left menu > CPU from the listing > scroll down alphabetically to Prime 95 and also pick up Stress Prime 2004 within the Prime 95 listing). Installing Prime 95 and the Stress Prime 2004 programs (Stress Prime runs Prime 95 a little more conveniently) along with Motherboard Monitor 5 (you'll need to know your motherboard model to get this program to work properly) can help diagnose any CPU overheating or memory problems.

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