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Any Help ? Prophet Ultra


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Guest Madmatt

I have the exact same video card and have never heard of such a problem.

Which drivers are you using and does this occur in all your games?

Pauses like you mention are sometimes caused by the sound card, what type do you have in your system?


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Sound Card = Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1

The information I received was that it was not all ultra cards and not all hercules cards just some.

Believe me I have tried every driver in existence in an attempt to solve this problem to no avail I also have the very latest BIOS for the card.

This is happening in all games not just CM and also 2D applications .

Any info on the sound card problem would be appreciated as I never heard of that.

Am about to have a big row with my system suppliers about this so any help much appreciated.

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Perchance is your video card sharing an IRQ with the SB Live sound card or any other device ? If so, then the other device may be interfering with the video card's "face time" with the CPU.

Do you have any other programs or utilities open ? A program with a .VXD, a virtual device driver (or .386 if it is old) could be the culprit - many anti-virus programs utilize them. They don't appear in the "Close Program" dialog box, but they have the capability of interfering with the system at a low level.

Do you have any USB devices plugged in ? I'm not all that knowledgeable about USB, but if there's a slow USB device that doesn't respond quick enough to polling, it may slow down anything associated with the PCI bus (including AGP cards). That however is a wild guess.

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Nope, checked the IRQ,s

SB Live @ 10

Ultra @ 11

As far as I know I shut down everything Only explorer running.

I have two usb's one with the mouse another attached to the joystick

Don't know of any software to test this stuff ? graphics card in particular ?

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Can you hook up your USB mouse to the PS/2 port instead ? I'd also suggest temporarily disconnecting the joystick and see if this has any effect.

Did you have another video card installed previously on this system ? Have you completely removed the drivers and registry settings associated with it ? Admittedly any "leftovers" would probably cause other problems than "pausing" however.

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No - its a MS intellimouse explorer usb

This is a brand new system (Only a week old (had to return 19" monitor already so you can imagine this is making me very unhappy))

so the only drivers that have been on this system are hercules / nvida reference.

Not sure really where to go with this now - have spoken to hercules and they are not aware of any ultra card bugs but are escalating my complaint back to H/O in france.

Maybe I'll just send the whole thing back...

Problem is this is sooooooo apparently regular and nothing I have done has made the slightest difference - I feel sure its something wrong with the card.

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I have the herc pro instead of the ultra. The next card down form yours. No problems in CMBO with this card Win Me and SB Live.

Note there is a new beta nVdia driver 6.72 that Herc support recommended to me. It fixed another problem I was having. You can get it at http://www.reactorcritical.com/files/NVidia/win-9x-672.zip



Scott Adams

Not Dilbert, Adventure!



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