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Cant play the game

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Hi all, First I must tell you that I am computer retarded. that being said here is my problem (I didn't see one similar on the FAQ) I Installed the game started it now Sometimes the opening scene will be there other times it is a black screen. When it is black I can click around and find the tab to start the game. Once I hit that I go through an make all the selection to play the game (scenario which side I want Etc) Th I click play the game where a screen pops up with a bunch of flags all in a circle and inside the circle it says "Loading 3D Graphics" Now no matter how long I wait the game never goes past that screen. Here are a few stats on the computer I'm running it on

Windows XP Pro w/ Service pack 2

2g Intel Mobile Pentium 4

40g Hard drive

512m Memory

and a Mobility Radeon graphics card.

I know that the game hates Radeon cards but I didn't think my problems were the same as those listed in the FAQ. I hope you can help I am excited to play this game. Thanks in advance.

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I've seen some videocards have problems displaying CM's 3D screen and/or 2D screens. I haven't seen a Radeon do that yet though. It seems strange that you're getting a 'circle of flags' in the 3D screen. Quite often what I've seen with videocards that never seem to fully load the 3D screen is that the gray-outlined box saying "Loading 3D Graphics..." remains on the screen while the 2D screen elements at the bottom of the screen come up, but the 3D elements never do show.

Which driver do you have installed ? I assume that it came preinstalled from the laptop manufacturer or have you installed a newer driver yourself ?

You can find the driver version by going to Start Menu > Control Panel > System control panel > Hardware tab > Device Manager button > click on the '+' next to Display Adapters > double-click on the Mobility Radeon listing > Driver tab > in the text above look for the 'Driver Version' and the 'Driver Date'.

You may want to uninstall your current drivers and install the Omega Catalyst drivers which support the Mobility Radeons by mildly hacking the latest ATI Catalyst drivers (7.1 in this case).

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