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Is 1680x1050 Resolution Supported At All?

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I've read through all the troubleshooting guides and many forum posts. I have CMBB:Special Eition that came in the CM anthology pack.

CMBB recognizes that I have an ATI X1900 video card but the highest resolution CMBB sees is 14XX x 12XX (I don't remember the exact resoltion, sorry!). As a result CMBB appears "squished", or slightly flattened in game, both with the 2D interface and the 3D graphics. I have a ViewSonic flat monitor that supports 1680 x 1050. All my other games support that resolution. Of course, I have all of the latests drivers installed for both the monitor and video card, as well as the latest DirectX.

I've even tried to "trick" CMBB by setting my desktop to much higher resolutions than 1680x1050 before starting the game, in the hopes that maybe CMBB will give me the correct resolution option. No joy.

I still get the slightly "squished" look in-game. Even if I set my desktop to a resolution that makes it appear vertically "stretched", CMBB still looks "squished".

I've even tried to see if I could manually change a resolution setting in the games preference or config file, but it's all encrypted.

Sorry for the non-technical venacular, but I love this game and this issue is bugging me out! My Panzer IIIs and IVs look much lower and leaner than they really were an it's killin' me! smile.gif

Please help.


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The game highest setting is the 14XX resolution nothing higher is supported. You could, however, try different resolutions (lower than the max provided) as this can help. Just delete the Prefs file in your CMBB folder and restart the game then select your test resolution.

[ February 09, 2008, 07:32 AM: Message edited by: Leprechaun ]

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I tried all the available resolutions down to 800x600, just to see what I would get. Still the same. Again, I tried this with different desktop resolutions.

Curiously, when I maximized my desktop resolution (some 20XX x 18XX) and started CMBB, a new resolution option became availble (16XX x 14XX or 12XX), but even that gave me the same visual result, only at a crisper resolution.

Unless someone has any other suggestions, I guess my only option is to get a smaller monitor! smile.gif It's just too bad there isn't any way to manually input a resolution parameter in a conf.ini file or somthing similarly simple. It's bad enough I can't get fog effects thanks to my ATI card (which works brilliantly otherwise on this and all my other games).

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