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  1. The US was very isolationest at this time. Remember Wilson got re-elected with the motto of "He kept us out of the war".
  2. I just looked for this mod and can not find it, even using the Repository Search failed to find it too. Where can I find it ???
  3. Bill101: As a rough guess, 1.02 release in a next couple of weeks, next month, next couple of months ???
  4. When was the last time you defragged your HD or cleaned out your Temp folder ??? Defragging can definately speed up games since the HD's does not have to "hunt" all over the HD to load the game or new parts of the game as you play.
  5. AMD bought ATI the summer of 2006, and if I recall correctly, ATI started supporting fog tables in their Oct 06 drivers.
  6. Mord: You may be confusing ATI with nVidia. When AMD bought ATI years ago, they made ATI include support for fog tables, and about the same time nVidia dropped support for fog tables. Since I use ATI cards, I do not know if nVidia ever picked up support for the fog tables again.
  7. What about having an option of "historical" and "non-historical" concerning things like build ship times and MMP's. That way you can please "everybody" (historical players or gamers).
  8. But National Moral should count in WW2 also, for these reasons: 1. Germany would have surrendered in 1944, but Hitler lived through the bomb explosion. Remember the reason they wanted to kill him was to end the war, but since he lived, it continued. 2. France surrendered because of the loss of National Moral when Paris fell even though she still had a good deal of her army still intact. After the losses they suffered in WW1, they did not want to suffer the same thing so the French government felt it was better to give up and lose a little bit of land versus suffering as many casulties as WW1. They just did not expect the Germans to occupy as much as they did. 3. Look how low Britian's moral was before Churchill was selected as Prime Minister. If they had kept Chamberlain as PM and the Germans had invaded, just how much fighting would the Brits have done ??? 4. Russia, with Stalin in charge, did not let the Russians surrender (since his opinion was the only one that really counted), but if he had died in 1941, would they have thrown the Germans out like they did ??? 5. Italy not only surrendered, but switched sides after only losing Lybia and Sicily due to loss of their national will.
  9. Since the scale of the infantry in this great WW1 game is Corps, will the scale of the infantry units be Corps or Armies in the new WW2 mod ???
  10. The economies of Europe at that time was: 1. Germany 2. UK 3. France 4. Austria 5. Russia 6. Italy Even the British realized that Germany had overtaken them industrially before WWI (currently reading about the British Grand Fleet during WWI). It states that the main reason that the British were able to stay ahead of the German in Battleships pre-WWI is that the British dockyards were more efficient than the Germans when came to building the Battleships, otherwise the Germans would have had more Battleships than the British by WWI.
  11. I just bought this game (looks great so far). I was under the impression that you only have a limited number of licenses, but I can not find how many licenses come with it ??? Can anybody enlighten me as to how many do I have ???
  12. I have ATI cards, but if I recall correctly, somebody said that the newer nVida drivers did not support fog in older games, but good luck.
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