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Dentonator upgrade


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I run Win XP Home and am running the drivers on a Ge Force Ti 4200 128m card. I'm looking at trying FSAA/AF etc (to see if it gets rid of the metal tree look I get).

I've been advised to update the driver but see I can run FSAA/AA under the I usually adopt the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' approach and, having seen some of the posts on this forum I'm a little reluctant to try them. Any views/updates/problems.

If I do give them a try I presume I should use Device Manager to uninstall 3087 rather than Update Driver without uninstall first. Also, I read in another post about the 4x fix. Should I DL and run that too? Presumably after the install?

I am also tempted to DL the new Audigy drivers for Win XP Home. Any known issues with that?

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Can't speak for the audigy drivers. If it is working, dont try and fix it.

As for the nVidia ones, I would not upgrade unless there is compelling reason to upgrade, I would stick with the 30.87s. They might not be the fastest drivers on the block, but they are the most solid GeForce drivers about.

If you still feel the need to upgrade, you should uninstall using the Add/Remove programs function. They have finally managed to make that work right.


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Hmmmmmm that's what I thought. I tried FSAA and AF with my current drivers and couldn't say I noticed any difference, except fine lines which ran intermittently down my 'being targeted' lines on CMBB. I'll perhaps try it again later and add the effects one at a time to see if it's FSAA or AF that causes it. AFAIK the only reason to use FSAA is to stop the jagged edge gun barrels etc. when viewed from certain angles. Not sure whether AF would help my trees mind. They all look slightly metallic. Not sure if that is the 'norm' mind.

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