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Terif vs Liam the Fall of Russia

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Wanted some highlights of a game in an AAR, give some other players the opportunity to learn what I am attempting to. How best to defend USSR as you reach the last few units..

We opened this game fairly typically, UK attempted to convert resources in Norway-Iraq, succeeded in 1 and had to wait for the other... Egypt fell and lost an HQ there... no real frills

Benelux-Denmark-France-Poland-Vichy-Spain all fell to the Germans without a fight...There was no real clashes aside from little petty border disputes..

Germany then converted North Africa-MidEast-Portugal along with Yugoslavia/Greece/Sweden right before Barbarossa. This kicked UK from Norway and cost us a couple units there and valuable investment of time & energy putting the UK behind in this game. Since the Axis had invaded so many minors there Morale was good and the USSR retreated from the frontlines...

Back in the trenches, the Germans pushed in two major waves, Army group A toward Leningrad-Moscow-Archangel, very artic goals!

Second wave, Group B, headed through the Mines in the Ukraine, Kharkov and then onward to Stalingrad.

All this was achieved in record pace, 12 or so months and the German advance seem to nearly be unstoppable. Several advanced Rockets were used along with a 2nd Italian Fighter completely preventing any sort of Counterattack by My Forces. The only two attempts I made at a counteroffensive was in Finland and in the Kharkov Region. End result, major losses. All this only pushed the Axis onward

As Winter set in, 1942, things did slow down some, Stalingrad and Moscow firmly in Axis hands, along with Archangel Supplies... The Russians sit behind the Volga and in the Caucasus Mountains, killing a few Greys here or there. In Total the death toll is something like 35 Reds to 15 Greys.. not good!

The West has been completely silent, I'm certian Terif expects something, there have been a few skirmishes at sea, meaning nothing! France is a Wall and there are a lot of Axis units around...So I do not know if I can pull off taking the pressure off the Reds... They may be on there own and defeated before any salvation comes. I know the Greys have lost some valuable Manpower but they're reproducing quite well with so many resources, meaning every Minor connected to Europe but Ireland and Turkey!

Tech isn't all that bristling or out of the ordinary, this game goes to show you gotta do more than just lay back with Terif. I have used no innovative strategies, just the ole reliable, too many attempts at minor defenses. Terif is the master of the Combined Arms offensive!

I have sapped a little Grey MPPs in the West with Bombers and fighter harassment but not nearly enough to equal a Drain

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Thanks Rambo, few people know just how difficult it is to give Terif decent Challenge!

In The East, 1 of the 3 Major Russian cities fall in the Caucasus along with 2 oilfields. The Defense Forces on besieged from Iraq with Italian and Afrika Corps and on the other side by a Major Army Group covering the entirety of the Caucasus Mountains! There are now more Germans than there are Russians, 37 dead Reds to 17 Greys! The Figures that must be mantained in a war of attrittion to win!

In the West Axis fortifications and entrenched positions are very strong and filled with German raw recruits, it is unlikely there will be any sort of successful liberation! There is AntiAir Xs2 as well so our bombers are pretty impotent... With the weather Terif has only managed to move in position to assualt the last Line of defense in the East, The fortified Volga Line! and keep the West completely quiet...

Brave Comrades committing Kamikaze runs in Caucasus Front do show their diehard Overzealous Spirit, having martyr'd 2 Elite German Corps and a FSJ paratrooper... on top of another 2 corps, this is the most successful battle so far though a losing one! The Fatherland will not replace any of these losses due to the fact they were all out of supply! Russian Soldiers due to limited POW constraints have murdered every German Soldier, Officials have shipped in Geneva Convention Aids from Switzerland a new acquired German Protectorate!

Originally posted by jon_j_rambo:

Yodl will go for the kill next summer in Russia. Meanwhile, the West will be rough for the Yanks. Good luck Liam.

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1943, The End

The Caucasus were taken by Numerous Elite German Corps followed by German Armies and some specialized German units!

With that, 1/3rd of the Russian Army was destroyed and without enough income left to rebuild it!

In The Urals, even entrenched units were incapable of defending, the Volga Line was broke through and Rockets/Divebombers from numerous Italian-Luftwaffe Airfleets reigned down Fire upon Russian units attempting to break out and free the USSR

In the West, Denmark was near liberated, Kiel Port was taken and the Baltic was soon to be in Allied hands but all too little and too late...

Despite having a sizeable Military the West and the East couldn't ever bring their forces to bare upon the Axis in the right place at the right time, they were always outmanuevered and outdone... IN the end this spelt utter defeat, maximum death total for the Axis could've been 20 or so Land units, USSR near 50.

War is over

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