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2010 The Russians Are Coming! at cmmods

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OK folks, the beta of Fortress America is done, and now the actual scenario is ready to go. I didn't get nearly as much testing done as I would have hoped, but oh well.

Fortress America West Coast has been renamed 2010 The Russians Are Coming!.

The v 1.03 is now at cmmods.

Changes from the last version:

FIXED THE TURN TIME PROBLEM. There was an issue with long AI turns and this was fixed by removing the Russian aircraft carriers, which were not important anyways. The Russians were compensated by getting an extra ship and fighter.

Added some new and better graphics.

Added some more new sounds, including replacing some battle sounds, adding a new explosion, and replacing the WW2 tank sounds with an M1 Abrams turbine engine. Also cleaned up some others for quality.

Fixed some aircraft ranges.

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