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USA readness not Historic or Balanced?

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We have been seeing alot of post on diplo and the USA in general it seams.

Not going to get into my reasons for some of these suggestions, I hope others post as well. Perhaps correcting me as I have not and will not get deap into the scripts on SC2.

1) The bump for DOWing USSR was incressed, too much. Half it

2) Bump in readness for advances in Egypt are too much. Half the USA side of it.

3) Galbralter is one of the most important hex's in WW2. Double the incress in Readness for USA if Axis control it. Bump up USSR a small amount (2-4%)

4) UK DOW on Norway = Small Drop in USA readness. Axis DOW on Norway = Small drop in readness of Sweden

5) Lend Lease doesnt start till 50% readness by USA

6) USA gains a sub as part of the Pacific Fleet if Spain goes axis or DOWed by axis.

In my early games 1.02-1.02 USA was not entering till mid 42. For several reasons. Now with 1.03-1.04 it seams we are seeing USA entering in Summer of 41 at the latest (granted Axis are now DOWing the Low Countys early and France falls winter of 39/40) as UK is putting more and more chits in USA.

Like SC1 it becoming the speed game for alot of reasons, sadly most of these lack skill where people hope for wild random rolls and if they dont get them they give up. opps... ranting again!

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If you don't put any chits for USA as Allies, USA will only join in spring 42, that is FAR from not balanced. USA joined in Dec 41 because German DoW on them. If Germany had no done so it would have been no more than 6 months before USA did DoW on Germany.

The only thing that might need to be increased is the cost in investing in MAJOR countries it should remain an OPTION not a MUST and EASILY done feature in every game.

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