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Game Changing Ideas for Historical Chrome

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Ideas for historical chrome:

1. HQ Units

1A. Soviet Union - Any HQ unit with Zero Experience has a chance to be replaced by a randomly selected HQ unit. The former General is removed from the force pool.

When this occurs you see a popup that says:

Stalin Orders Arrest of General [XXX] for Cowardice

1B. Germany - Following the D-Day landings (i.e. 5 or more Allied units in France after 1941) a ranomly selected German HQ unit is replaced by a randomly selected HQ unit and players see a popup saying:

Field Marshall [Rommel] Linked to Attempted Assassination

1C. When a HQ unit is destroyed in battle there is a 25% (1 in 4) that this HQ unit is permanently dead.

Popup - "General [xxx] died in battle"

1D. USA - Politics interferes in the choice of a HQ unit and another randomly selected HQ unit is subsituted for the player's production choice 10% of the time.

"Political pressure prevents appointment of General [player's choice]"

1E. HQ Units Appear only after a Specific Date or Event

Example: 50% Free French HQ DeGaulle appears in the UK after France surrenders with a Str of 1 and a rating of 5

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I agree with Retributar. The three of us are kindred spirits.

-- The current version on Rommel's Summer 1944 activities is that he was looking for a way to surrender his army group in France. The idea being that such an action would force Germany to end the war immediately. He was wounded in that straffing attack before he could implement the plan.

It would be interesting to have a wildcard like that in the game. Where, if Germany goes below a given victory level, one of it's HQ units with all it's units at a frontline, surrenders.

Naturally it would be a disaster for the Axis, usually losing the game for Germany right away, but it would produce some interesting results, such as forcing the Axis player to be careful about his losses. Or, in a scenario, the losses might be set so the Axis would be very prone to having this happen, forcing a careful defensive strategy.

-- The wildcard could be set for any German commander, or no German commander, to react with a mass surrender after specific levels are reached.

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JerseyJohn, I like that wildcard scenario. It adds a bit of flavor to an otherwise predictable game, especially if the TRIGGER= 25 so that when it happens (1 in 4 games) it is totally unexpected.

Or perhaps to take this simple idea and make it a bit more complex, the liklihood of it happening depends on your Intel Level. Spend a lot on the Gestapo and its less likely. Spend a little and its more likely.

#Trigger= 25; 25% to occur

#Intel_Effect= 1 ; For each Intel Tech Level -5% adjustment to Trigger chance

Thus at Intel 0 it happens 25% of the time

and at Intel 3 it happens 10% of the time

At the operational battle scenario level this refinement is not needed and it would be a welcome addition to the in game event scripts.

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I also like the idea of random events, especially against the AI which can liven things up. Maybe things like Ukraine uprising against the Soviets where Germany gets a few free units after they own certain cities, or Musollini assissinated which leads to Italy switching sides. Some intel things like UK cracks code in the Med. All Axis forces can be seen for 1 turn. Maybe France builds Maginot line to the coast. Warsaw uprising. Germany builds fort in Munich. French fleet is captured by Axis. Canada goes to total war and gets more armies and higher production. There are many things that could be added of course this would have to be an optional function.

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