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QB feature request for future CM games

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This may have been suggested before, but to get some current feedback from other people

I'll type this again:

After playing PBEM quick battles for some time, I've noticed that in many games same

favourite units are used time and time again. Many other units are hardly ever used.

After a while this becomes boring, so how could we get more variety to quick battles?

Now we have many voluntary force selection rules like Panther-76, but they can't be

enforced and may be difficult to remember. In CMBO Quick Battle generator screen

it is possible to pick a different date and use force types like Armor, Mechanized

and so on. More detailed control over unit availability could create many very interesting

new battle types (like no arty what so ever), so here is an idea:

One way could be that before starting a PBEM, a player could select which units are

available and which are not for players AND the computer to choose. This 'restriction list'

could be edited, saved to a file and then used as a game parameter, like maps will be

in CMBB, I think.

In a WW2 flight sim called IL2 it is possible to make multiplayer dog fight missions.

There you can pick the map and select which planes are available. This plane restriction

works very well and I'm sure it would work just as well in CM games.

What do you think?

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