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Crack or Elite players only...

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Colonel.. I'm sorry, but the powers that be has decided differently - We now HAVE to take that rotten hill and the latest intel is'nt any better...

The flyboys report several bunkers/minefields and even some armor - You are in for one hell of a time....

The bad news is I can't get any more engineers - you'll have to be very carefull with the 2 companies you've got - without the engineers your attack will get bogged down in no time!

Still no news on who you are up against, but the best guess is 2 companies of security troops...?

Now - the good news. Admiral Biggs have been gracious enough to send the Dreadnaught and a light cruiser to stand offshore. Biggs says to be carefull though - it's a hell of a long range and the shells might fall all over the place - those 14" blasts are spectacular so keep your men well back until the barrage is over.

So - scout ahead with the para's - find the bunkers - point the navy at them and then go in with the engineers and the armor.... Good luck - this is a tough one - be very carefull!!

This scenario is for Human vs AI only. Human takes Allied.

The idea behind this scenario is 3 fold:

1) It will give you an opportunity to use & experience the 14" & 7" masterblasters...

2) You'll get to use the AVRE's - very usefull against bunkers, but their range is very short

3) You'll have to deal with extensive minefields and bunkers - look after your engineers!!

This one can be won, but you need to know what you're doing... G'luck <wicked grin>

see "Rotten Hill" at Scenario Depot

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Thanks! At last a chance to play with thos e 14" guns!

I'm on my way to the depot--for a bakeoff between Rotten Hill and Banazi Hill.

****** A few minutes later....

Well, I went to the depot and found that the scenario wasn't available for download. Maybe there was a glitch somewhere?

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