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refresh rate problem

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Hi, does anyone know how I can solve this:

I copied over my CMBO folder from one drive to another (the new drive being on ym new PC with a GeForce 3 Ti200)

The game works GREAT, no probs with the GeForce, but I have probs with video refresh rate, its kills my eyes to play CM for more than few mins. I have my video refresh set to 85Mhz in the windows desktop..

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It sounds like you're running CM at 60Hz refresh.

What is the OS on your new box, Windows 2000 or XP ? I haven't confirmed it myself, but there are refresh rate problems with several drivers (NVidia, ATI, etc.) under Win2K & XP. There have been several 'refresh rate fixes' posted online, but I'm not absolutely sure what these 'fixes' actually address.

CMBO's Prefs file has settings for resolution and refresh rate. You may want to delete your prefs file and see what kind of resolution selections you get. With most drivers you should be prompted for resolutions and then particular refresh rates at those resolutions. CM should be able to use these correctly, but it is possible that the 'refresh rate bug' may be at work here.

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