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Screen resolution question?

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Sorry if this has been answered before.

I changed my 15 LCD monitor by a new one HP w20 it works nice but when I run CMBB, the game look distorted 'cause the screen is in 16/9 and CMBB is in 4/3. If I delete my CMBB prefs nothing is changing just the resolution screen. Is it possible to play with CMBB in 4/3 and come back with 16/9 for other applications?

Thanks and Happy new year to all


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This thread about an HP W22 monitor is a somewhat similar situation. Some of the info there may be applicable to your setup.

This HP OSD menu settings info says that you should go to the Image Control menu > Custom Scaling sub-menu > select "Fill to Aspect Ratio" for CM. This should give you black bars on the sides of your display when playing CM or using a desktop resolution that doesn't conform to the native aspect ratio of your display. Using this setting may require that you use a 16:9 ratio resolution for your desktop in order for it to fill out the screen.

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