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CMBO: cannot detect cd after 1.12 patch

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I just reinstalled CMBO, tried to run it and got a blue screen and a STOP error.

So I then patched it (1.12) and got a different problem. Even with the CD(BTS/BF.com version) in the drive and compatability mode unchecked, it gives me 'Insert CD'. I click OK and it gives me only 'Multiplayer' or 'Exit' on the start screen.

This problem is frustrating as I wanted to play a bit of battle in NW Europe.

Is there something I've missed?

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This is definitely a BFC version that you have installed (I know you said that you were using the BFC version CD) ?

Having 'compatibility mode' unchecked usually alleviates some of the CD detection problems, but you're already doing that. If you have an anti-virus utility running in the background, disable that. Also disable or close anything else that is running in the background, especially if it has to do anything with the CD/CDRW/DVD drive.

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I bought it direct from BFC, although it has CDV written all over the box. So I'm figuring its BFC.

Lets start at the beginning. I'm running a Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop (2.2 GHz, Nvidia GeForce4 4200Go (Dell mobile) with 64Mb graphics).

My real problem I suppose is the blue screen I got at the very beginning with a STOP error (much like the one mentioned in the troubleshooting). It recommends I update my drivers so I updated BIOS, directx and graphics card. Still gave me a blue screen.

I.T. boffins at work recommended I apply a patch. Did that and got the no CD error.

This morning I turned off anti-virus (PC-cillin), daemon tools (with CMBB & CMAK mounted so I don't wear out the disks) and everything else that I thought could be affecting the CDRW/DVD drive. Still no joy - it cannot detect the CD.

I suspect I may not really need the patch (bought my CD in mid-2001?), but actually getting half the title screen up is more encouraging than the blue screen of death.

Anybody have some suggestions?

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Hmmm... that's a bit strange. If the box says CDV, then it mostly likely is a CDV title. The CDV versions will usually have a CDV splash screen in the intro. I believe, but I'm not sure, the CDV versions will also install into a CDV directory underneath the \Program Files directory.

You may want to perform a clean install of your CMBO and check during the installation if it mentions CDV. If it is a CDV version, then you should not patch it with the patches on the BFC website. I can't recall off-hand, but the CDV version may be fully patched to 1.12 already. If you do patch a CDV version with a BFC patch, then you will definitely run into the 'no CD' problem since the CDV and BFC versions differ in the copy-protection routines.

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