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ATI Radeon and screen size at 1024x768


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I have just installed a radeon 64mb ddr card in my pc and when I try to run cmbo in 1024x768 res the picture fills the screen top and bottom,but not at either side.I have tried using all the refresh rate options for my monitor under "settings" without success.If I run at 800x600 then it fills the screen fine,but I would rather play in the higher resolution.My monitor is a Relisys re772.I have downloaded the latest ati and relisys drivers,but no joy.Any help would be appreciated. :confused:

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What does your desktop look like at 1024 x 768 and is it running at the same refresh rate that CM is ? During the resolution selection process CM selects a resolution and a refresh rate. It's possible that the timings used by the Radeon at a particular refresh rate don't display very well on your monitor.

I'd suggest that you check out what your desktop looks like at certain refresh rates at 1024 x 768. Once you have a refresh rate that looks proper and is comfortable on your eyes, deleted the CM prefs file and start the resolution selection process. Make note of what your previous refresh rate was so you can select it when it comes up.

In the end Maximus' advice to adjust the display's horizontal width is something you'll need to resort to at some point.

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Thanks for the quick replies guys.I have tried using my monitors screen size adjustments to enlarge the visible area but I am still left with a sizeable gap around the edge of the screen at either side.I will experiment with different refresh rates but all my efforts so far have drawn a blank.Ah well,back to the drawing board.I thought having no in game fog was going to be bad enough! :rolleyes:

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