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Simple LAN question.

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I just networked my house.(Can't beleive I got it to work). I have a DSL Cisco router from my IP provider feeding a 5 port hub. Both computers are comunicating correctly, and both are accesing the internet.

Now I want to LAN with CM via TCP protocol. My (internet) IP# changes from time to time, and I am not behind a firewall.

Now, If I assign in house IP#s for both machines, is this going to effect my connection going out on the net through the router? Or does the router ignore in house IP numbers and do its own thing?

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Ok, I tried assigning one machine a "hard", in house IP#. I lost connection to the internet by doing so. I went back in and configured it to automaticaly assign IP#, and my net connection came back up.

I'm finding tons of info on how to rig up isolated LANs, but nothing I've found so far addresses this damned router I've got.

How does one confiure an internal LAN with seperate in house IP#s while maintaining comms. with the router?

I pinged both machines through the net, and each machine seems to have its own IP#. Sure enough, I fired up CM, and connected TCP/IP. I suspect I'm not playing through the LAN however, but through the internet. (which is good enough I suppose if I cant get the LAN to work).

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The router will assign IPs if you have it set to be a DHCP Server. It will then tag the info each computer asks for from the net and will then route it to that computer as it comes back.

Actually I suspect you are playing within the LAN. Your router is assigning your IP numbers,, and so on. Your router probably has a firewall setting and it is the firewall that will keep you from playing others on the net TCPIP. See this thread for more info on this: http://www.battlefront.com/cgi-bin/bbs/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=8&t=000986

The discussion about port 7023 is what I believe is significant in your case. You can either have it set up for the firewall or not, no firewall makes you easier meat for those unpleasant people on the net and also allows your ISP to see that you have more than one computer on the connection you are paying for. I don't know anything about the router you have, but I am certian that it behaves fairly similarly to others. Good luck

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Thanks for the info there. I'm not having any problems playing TCP/IP over the net. Just trying to play within the LAN without the net connection...BUT keeping the option to connect to the net whenI want to.

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