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Odd mouse / freeze up problems

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Just this morning my system seems to have gone nuts while trying to play CM. At times my mouse pointer either freezes or jumps all over the place as if possessed. In one case I was able to "esc" key to the desktop, and the mouse was flying all over the place on the desktop clicking icons and bring up menus like mad. I ended up simulating a power failure, (pulled the plug), and rebooted. CM continues to have mouse/freeze issues now.

My work applications seem to be unaffected, MS-Word, E-mail, and some in-house stuff based on Powerbuilder, etc.

About the only thing I've done lately to CM is D/L a few new sound and texture mods.

I have recently installed Europa Universallis, but did not load any new DirectX stuff with it. The

I've read a bunch of old posts by folks with similar problems but quite a few never really have an ending. I am assuming they resolved their problems.

I am not sure where to begin troubleshooting this. I'm starting to think that perhaps one of the texture or sound mods is freaking out my system, but have no clue how that could really be, they are just WAV and BMP files after all.

Should I try re-extracting the default BMP and WAV files off the CD or am I jumping to the wrong conclusion?

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If you suspect that a mod has caused problems, but don't want to go through the hassle of removing it...

Install a second, and separate, installation of CM and patch it to 1.12. If it has problems then there is hardware/software issue between the mouse and CM. If it does work without "freaking" out then you're probably correct that one of the mods (most likely sound) is causing a problem.

Is your mouse serial, PS/2 or USB ? If it is USB, does the USB controller happen to share an IRQ with your sound card (this may be the case if your sound card is PCI) ?

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