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Belgian CM-scenario page updated with new maps

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If you're tired of playing that same scenery in Quick Battles, go to the link below and download some historical maps of the Bulge based on topographical 1/25.000 scale maps and personal visits.

Ask a 3rd. party to put your choice of units on the map and let him send this set-up to your opponent.

In the description section you can look at some preview screenshots and a topview of the map. I included also some advice how to use the maps.

Following Maps are included :

Clervaux : Advance Operation Map!

Longvilly : A very huge battle map, meeting.

Dasburg : Medium map, fight for the control of the river crossings, meeting.

Kalborn : Attack / Defense map.

All a.m. maps depict battle grounds during the advance of the Panzer Lehr division during the "Wacht am Rhein" operation in December 1944

Hope you enjoy.

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