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New all armor battle ready for testing at the depot...

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Well TunnelRat and I started the scenario tonight. I am German he is American.

1st Impressions....

Ok I will start with the map. It's incredible! I don't know if you went for any historical accuracy here but it looks very nice. Very detailed with a nice use of trees and crossing points in the river. The allies have a good LOS if they setup in the right places and the axis can somewhat accurately predict where the general movement of the allies is going to be.

Next on to the play balancing. Keep in mind these are just my first observations. It seems to me that the Americans are a bit outclassed here. I have gone through about 10 turns so far here and I have killed 7 or 8 Stuarts and lost only one armored car. I can see that all the Allies are green where as the Germans are veteren units. The PZIVG seems to dominate the lightly armored stuarts a bit too much. There was one turn where one PZIVG took out 4 Stuarts.

I will finish out the game tomorrow and let you know if maybe my first observations are a bit off. I just figured you might want to know what I was thinking so far.

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thank you for your observations, and you are right, the Americans were outclassed...Imagine what it must of been like on that day in Sept. 1942?

The map and the units are all historical. I drew most of my information from "An Army at Dawn" and a few other sources.

One tank commander fired 14 AP shells at a Mk IVG with no penetrations! Only the skillful handling of the Battalion saved Lt. Col. Waters command.

Keep the feedback coming, and thank you and TunnelRat for your feed back. And let him know I'd like his input also.


[ September 27, 2004, 09:20 AM: Message edited by: Iron_Duke ]

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Sorry about the wait Iron_Duke.

Ok here we go...

TunnelRat and I played through the scenario the last few days. Here are a few of my observations. The Map is very nice. I know I said that before but it bears repeating. It's laid out well and pleasing to the eye. The Americans have a good setup and with the right amount of patience and luck they can defeat the Germans.

*********SPOILER ALERT***********************

The only thing I never figured out was where to put the spotter the Germans have. He was in the corner of the map and I couldn't seem to get him moved into position. Maybe this is an oversight on my part but it was very difficult to try to get the halftrack he has to move at all.

I laid waste to every Stuart I saw untill the Americans started attacking from 3 directions. Then it was difficult for me to choose which way to attack first. There were just so many tanks it boggled my mind. He had an excellant flank shot whenever I made it around the ridge trying to get towards the flags. With his Stuarts hull down it was hard for me to hit him.

****************End Spoiler***********************

The only thing I can think of that might help balance things out a bit is to make some of the american tankers regular or veteran. If the Germans use their heads and not underestimate the enemy like I did they shouldn't have too much of a problem winning the map. The PZIVG totally outclasses the Stuart tanks. But this is an excellant scenario that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys armor at all.

GREAT JOB Iron_Duke!!! Thanks for making this for us.

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thank you and TunnelRat for testing out this scenario.


The German FO was an oversight on my part, he should have been with your C Kompanie in his halftrack. It has now been fixed and updated at the Scenario Depot.

*******END SPOILER*******

A question or two:

Who won? And do you remember the final "numbers"? Or better yet have the final AAR screen?

Based on your answers above I wanted to go in deeper about the final balancing.

Thanks once again for your test and thank you for taking time out of your day to post a review.


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Hello Iron_Duke. I have just DLed the scenario to take a look at it. I don't know if I will be able to play it as my graphics card seems to choke on anything this big. It looks good though.

I did notice something that struck me as odd in the US briefing. You describe Col. Waters as Patton's grandson. Are you certain of that? I am under the impression that he was Patton's son-in-law.


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Well in all honesty we had to cut the scenario short because I had to get some sleep before work. If I recall correctly I had about 28 PZs left and he had a couple dozen Stuarts still hanging around. He really started to mess me up when he suprised me with tanks coming over a flanking hill. I was trying to make a run for the flags and he had side shots on all my tanks. Needless to say even the mighty PZIVG couldnt withstand that type of punishment. So my whole first wave was taken out pretty quickly. After that I was stuck in a defensive position trying to hold him off from 3 sides. The Stuarts dont stand a chance with a frotal assualt but if you get too cocky like I did and expose your sides they can and will take you out. Well that and he disabled something like 9 of my Panzers with gun hits. They were still mobile but they couldnt fire their main cannon. So with those casualties I had about 28 Panzers that were unscathed.

Sorry I couldn't give you a better review of the scenario. I am still somewhat new to the CM series so I sometimes make stupid mistakes like the one posted above.

All in all I would whole heartedly recommend this scenario to anyone who like armor battles. It was simply amazing seeing 30+ Panzers firing at a time. There were so many tanks out there that even when you missed one tank there was a chance of hitting another. This was especially true with the PZIVD with their short barrels.

Hope my comments help you out a bit. I will definitely be looking for anything else you put out there.

Thanks again


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thank you for the feedback. You fought the battle almost exactly the way the German commander did in RL... Major Siglin in his tank "Iron Horse" and his company were the "bait" that drew the Germans in one direction, then Major Tuck's Company B attacked the Germans in the flank!

"Tuck and his tanks came pounding over the crest of the hill to fall on the enemy flank and rear. At point-blank range even the squirrel gun's two-pound shell could punch through the thin armor on panzer engine doors and docks. The enemy tried to wheel around but it was too late. Dozens of American rounds ripped into the German tanks. Seven panzers where destroyed, including a half-dozen of the new Mk IVs." --An Army at Dawn

Good show!!

Thanks again for your wonderful help and I'm glad you liked the scenario.


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