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  1. Thanks for the test and the vote of confidence. I have several CMAK operations at the depot, and perhaps I'll make a few more as per your request. ID
  2. I need some feed back from H2H play on "A Hostile Debouchment" as it is a very large tank battle and I'm sure needs some tweaks. I just updated the scenario to version 1.4 so if you do test it, please make sure you have this version. The scenario can be found here. C'mon you Head to Head guys out there...if you like battles with over 100 tanks and enough space to fight with them...then this is for you and an opponent! "A brief, howling sandstorm swept across the Tunisian plain early Sunday morning, February 14...Soldiers in black tunics tramped down highway 13 carrying lanterns
  3. Here are a few... Benghazi Beau Geste-Bir Hachiem Empire Strikes Back- Benghazi Give them some steel Marsa el Brega Minqa Qaim The Walking Wounded
  4. I'm playing "Duke of Normandy" right now via PBEM and it's turning out to be a hell of a fight. Check it out. It's by Kipwatson
  5. Haha...I know! I saw that you downloaded it, played it, and reviewed it all in the same day. You must have liked it.
  6. Tebourba was held by Lieutenant Colonel James Lee with nearly 700 Hampshires and 500 East Surry's. While American tanks were being roughly handled north of town on December 2, British infantrymen fought for their lives 2,000 yards west of Djedeida. Fischer deployed the Wehrmacht's latest secret weapon, sent by Hitler with a guarantee that it would be "decisive" in the Tunisian campaign. The first Tiger to arrive at Bizerte seized up on the dock; the second broke down on the road west..."--An Army at Dawn ...a few others rumbled into Djedeida just in time to slam into British lines at mid
  7. After the landings of operation TORCH, the French find themselves besieged by the newly arrived American army. In his WWII debute, Major General Patton drives inland from the now 70 mile long beacheads. Port Lyautey and it's airfield represent a key objective for the Americans. The ancient Arabic strongholds that dot the countryside are better known as "Kasbah's" and constantly remind the Allies of Beau Geste. The Kasbah's will prove to be tough nut's to crack. Can be found at: The Scenario Depot The Proving Grounds hope you enjoy it. ID
  8. I just joined up and want to upload some operations but all I see are battles that are referred to as "Scenarios". anyone?
  9. I allways found that it's not your tank that's loud, it's the tank next to you that's loud. If you are not prepared for it, it will make you jump. lol But even while standing behind or beside a 120mm smoothbore, the concussion isn't all that bad at all. OTOH I once got to watch an 8" arty piece fire from a range and that thing is sick! It will rattle your bones when it goes off.
  10. The one thing I can stress to you is that even if all the reference books say, "this area of the desert/steppe/plain" was almost completely barren and the enemy had a hard time of it..." Please remember that this is a game, a fantastic game but still a game with limitations. Your main effort should not only be how "historical" your battle/map is, but you should also strive to make the battle fun. Plain and simple. I don't know anyone that likes to play a scenario/operation that makes you march your guys over competley barren ground into murderous fire. I dont care how "flat and featureless"
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