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CMAK in Stores?


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Hi guys,

Sorry if this has been asked already but I don't see it in the forums anywhere... I remember reading an article on Wargamer.com a week or two ago about CMAK being available in stores. I've checked with all of my usual local software retailers and none of them seem to have it in or know when it will be in.

Should it already be available and in not, when?

Thanks in advance.

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OK, here's the scoop from CDV USA:

CMAK is carried by Gamestop, EB, Fry's and Meijer in the US. We can't guarantee which locations, as they handle it individually (especially EB and Gamestop), but you can log onto their sites, put in your zip code and they will indicate which stores near you have it in stock. In Canada, only EB Canada has it, but the goods are still in transfer, so they won't have it on the shelf until next week probably...


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