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Q on the KwK 30

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The CMAK ingame kwk30 l/55 (on the scout cars / pz 2) has a penetration of 36mm for its standard ammo. Browsing around on the net I noticed that that many sites have the 20mm l/55 penetration as low as 20mm (100m & 30 degrees) and as high as 48mm according to a 1942 test done (report PDF'd). Just curious as to why there is such a large discrepency and how CMAK arrived at its 36mm.

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Unless I'm reading it wrong, the gun in the doc is the same gun used, just the AAA model? Not trying to stir the pot, just wondering why some things say the things they do smile.gif

Any idea where the devs got their 36mm of pen from?

2nd edit: OIC. Got it. Ok so, next Q is where might I find something that goes to 36mm for the l/55?

If I google it (grant it, not the most reliable way) I get things like :

This table

Where you will notice there is a pzgr value of 20mm @ 100m (30 deg)

However, there is an AP value of 31mm @ 100m (30 deg) which might be a long the lines of CMAKs source? So whats the difference in numbers and make of the AP shot and the pzgr 39?

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Not being a grog in specific models of guns, I don't know, but the game weapon is quoted as being 55 calibres and the document quotes 65 calibres.

I don't know where BFC gets its data from, although I'd hazard that rexford has something to do with it.

I do know that the given data tables are for vs. a standard opponent, so that might be a particular hardness and penetration criteria while the test cited might refer to a different hardness and penetration criteria.

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A comment on another thread (not here) on that pdf:

"page 8 has the bbl. size at L65 or L57, a quick search comes up with no such german size.. so i would guess the germans measured it difrently.. and it was a L55

and a L55 is the same gun as the 232/pz2

page 10 has many a type of ammo.. each would have a difrent MV...

it hard to say with it was tested with for the stats.."

The poster is suggesting that the flak 30 and the 232/p2 are indeed the same gun (just measured differently by the respective countries). Which, if true, puts me back at the original Q.

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